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About Stuart Milne

Drum Kit tutor and musician Stuart Milne, specialises in one to one drum lessons in Dundee, practical and theory in a variety of styles to all ages and backgrounds. Apart from teaching privately he was also tutor at Strathallan School and Morrisons Academy teaching and coaching students through their exams. He also taught at Butterstone The New School where the children attending had a variety of learning difficulties.

He has been playing and teaching drum kit for more than thirty-five years and has played in a variety of original material acts including Pop, Rock, Funk and Jazz Fusion. During that time, he also played in “working bands” covering a variety of styles of music, providing entertainment in pubs, clubs, night clubs and at private functions.

Stuart founded Stage 2000 Rehearsal Studio in 1992 which became a vibrant hub for music in Dundee and at its peak had fourteen tutors teaching the five main contemporary instruments, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and Vocals. This is also where Stuart began teaching Drum lessons in Dundee. It also housed five fully equipped rehearsal rooms and a recording studio. He sold the Studio in 2009. During this time, he was in two different original material projects. One was a Jazz Fusion project that gained the interest of Dire Straits manager Ed Bicknell and a more commercial project that gained the interest of Simple Minds manager Bruce Findlay. In both projects, Stuart was involved in the song writing process and was responsible for vocals, lyrics and melodies.

Over the years, Stuart has continued to develop his method of teaching to incorporate techniques used by many of the top drummers in the world. His method of teaching is “song based” and pupil led” to achieve maximum learning in the shortest time. “You have to move at each student’s pace. They each have different levels of free time to practice what is learned each lesson.” The “root rhythms, time signatures, rudiments, beats and fills that he teaches provide a stable platform for any style of music and coupled with reading drum charts gives an overall understanding of drumming that will enable students to develop their own style and ultimately be able to continue to teach themselves