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Stu Milne is an experienced Drum Tutor in Dundee offering one-to-one tuition to all levels and styles.

About Stuart Milne

Drum Kit tutor and musician Stuart Milne, specialises in one to one drum lessons in Dundee, practical and theory in a variety of styles to all ages and backgrounds. Apart from teaching privately he was also tutor at Strathallan School and Morrisons Academy teaching and coaching students through their exams. He also taught at Butterstone The New School where the children attending had a variety of learning difficulties. He has been playing and teaching drum kit for more than thirty-five years and has played in a variety of original material acts including Pop, Rock, Funk and Jazz Fusion. During that time, he also played in “working bands” covering a variety of styles of music, providing entertainment in pubs, clubs, night clubs and at private functions.

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Stuart teaching was what I needed to increase my confidence and enjoy playing in a band instead of being scared of it! He took what I already knew and gave me important skills to practise but also picked apart my favourite songs for me so I could play them. He is a great teacher and I would recommend him to anyone.

Alison G

Stu has had a massive influence on my musical education, having taught me since the age of 8. I always found him inspiring and encouraging, as a youngster and as an adult. His lessons are fun and cover a wide range of styles and techniques. To this day, I still consider him to be my teacher and friend and have regularly turned to him for pointers and advice.

Ross Nicoll

I started drum lessons with Stuart back in the early  90’s and he is still teaching me and working with my band to this day. He is a “Top drawer”! drummer and teacher with a vast knowledge in all styles and makes lessons great fun for all ages and experience. If you are looking to start playing the drums or you are already playing and want to progress then I can’t recommend Stuart highly enough.

Sandy K

I really enjoy lessons with Stuart. He is very relaxed and can have a laugh. Through Stuart I gained a 30/30 on drums for higher music.

Sam G

Stuart has been teaching my son drum kit that meets the curriculum requirements and inspires imagination in free play. He also encourages reading and writing music in a friendly and relaxed manner. My son earned an A in higher music through Stuarts teaching.

Jonathan Graham

Stuart has been teaching my son drums for best part of a year now and is clearly not only a talented and professional drummer, but an excellent teacher as well.  With an ability to draw alongside his pupils, understand and relate on their level, Stuart is able to motivate and make learning easy and fun.  His versatility ensures pupils’ desired style can be accommodated and as an experienced worship team member he’s able to train pupils to worship and to lead worship.

Stephen Appleton

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